Tipi tents

All our tipis are Tentipi Zirkons. All Tentipis are fabricated in Sweden and are a great example of a well thought out designs by true enthusiasts with nothing built to a cost. The quality and ingenuity that go into Tentipi products is truly fantastic. The Zirkon model we hire comes in 4 different sizes, all are fabricated from Tentipis Cotpolmex cotton/polyester material that is both waterproof and breathable.

A tipi is a truly fantastic camping experience. The cosy environment is not like a typical ripstop tent, regardless of the roof height the environment is cosy and warm. The cotton canvas like feel doesn’t flap like a kite in the breeze and should the breeze fill in a Tentipi is going nowhere, these are designed for serious expeditions. We have chosen the two largest Zirkon tipis for hire, both offer loads of space. The CP9 has a 5.3m diameter base loads of real-estate for a family.
Camping and Activity Equipment Hire

The CP15 is larger again with a 6m base and would definitely extend to larger families or groups. The suggested occupancy for the CP9 is 8 to 10 and the CP15 14 to 16. As for most tent manufacturer occupancy guidelines we feel these would be a bit too cosy.