Teardrop Caravans

Our teardrop caravans we have had hand built by Tinycamper. After looking at a number of options we settled on the best quality we could find. The build time is not fast but they are well worth the wait.

Camping and Activity Equipment Hire
Camping and Activity Equipment Hire

We love camping in all its forms and have owned a number of caravans. A good tent will always win with us for that proper camping feeling but a windy night in the hills our caravan has delivered a good night’s sleep and guaranteed biking or kayaking the next day. If we are heading off early or late season the caravan gets a dusting down for the trip.
We find that a teardopper still has that camping feeling but with the closed in sleeping pod and memory foam mattress guaranteeing a great night’s sleep.

Our teardroppers sleep two people so not suitable for families but since is small and compact has a low weight (very few caravans fall into this bracket) means that they can be towed by any car without any special license it is win win win all round!!!