“TERRA NOVA Award–winning outdoor equipment, including the world’s lightest tents,

which are used in some of the most extreme environments across the planet.”

If you have a minimalist trip planned and want one of the best one or three man tents available,

we have Terra Nova tents plus a range of high-end equipment options available.

If you backpack, kayak or cycle camp regularly then it makes sense to invest in some good kit but if it is less often or you

don’t have the space to store your kit then why not get in touch and we can tailor our kit to suit your trip.

In our offer we have The Starlite 1 and The Starlite 3. These tents are an extremely lightweight tents which are perfect for bike packing, cycle camping or the traveller looking for the smallest overall packed size.

Camping and Activity Equipment Hire
  • Packed length of only 29cm the Starlite 1 and 3 will fit easily into most panniers, cycle bags or packs or can be fixed directly onto a bike thanks to the attachment loops on the outside of the compact storage bag.
  • The Starlite 1 and 3 tents are designed for 3 seasons use i.e. Spring to Autumn weather conditions, and for medium duration bike packing and camping trips where more space may be required for greater comfort and / or equipment.

The Starlite 1

  • offers a generous porch
  • is suitable for camping off the beaten track in the wild or campsites
  • tunnel design pitches (the inner and flysheet together)
  • quick and easy to erect at the end of a long day
  • the inner door is one third midge proof mesh for good ventilation.
Camping and Activity Equipment Hire

The Starlite 3

Camping and Activity Equipment Hire
  • can be used for wild camping or campsite stays on bike packing trips
  • the simple tunnel design pitches (the inner and flysheet together)
  • quick and easy to erect at the end of a long day.
  • the extended porch can store bikes
  • the tunnel design provides plenty of space
  • a full midge proof mesh door with a separate solid fabric door behind provides plenty of flexibility for ventilation.

Please contact us directly if you wish to hire TERRANOVA TENTS.