About Us

Camping has always been part of our lives. Early family holidays were always in tents and since then all activities have involved some sort of camping. Travelling to different parts to climb, hike, sail, kayak and mountain bike camping has always been integral to our lives.

From bivouacs, portaledges, tents, hammocks, trailer tents and caravans we have used and still use as dictated by the trip planned (although Potaledges are a distant memory). We like to think we have a great experience in camping and camping gear and decided to combine this with the love of camping in our Activity Kit venture.

Good camping kit is essential, and we have picked out kit that really fits the bill out Tentipis and Teardropper are really top of the range in their categories. Similarly our additional camp furniture is based on the best we have found.
We like to think the sleep in the car when the tent is falling apart in a sturdy breeze is not part of your trip when you use our kit.


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